Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nursing audit

Nursing audit is a standardized objectives recorded appraisal of the nursing care provided for the patient as revealed by the data recorded in th medical records of the hospitalized patient or the records of patient under the care of community nursing services.
Nursing audit as the process of analyzing data related to nursing process or patient outcomes for the purpose of evaluating appropriateness and effectiveness of nursing care measure. It is a systematic critical analysis of nursing  practice. Audit of the quality of care are normally undertaken through a process of per review of a professional practice by someone of the same profession against professionally defined standard. According to Goster Walfer "nursing audit is an exercise to find out whether good nursing practice are followed. The audit is a means by which nurse themselves can define standard from their patient of view and describe the actual practice of nursing. 
The purpose of nursing audit are:

  • evaluating nursing care given
  • achieves deserved and feasible quality of nursing care
  • stimulate to better records
  • focus on care provided and not on care provider
  • contributes to research
Nursing audit is done by collecting information from record, chart, concurrent chart review, interviewing, peer review,etc.

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