Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nepal Nursing Council

Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) is established under Nepal Nursing Council Act 2052 (1996).it came into force on 2053-03-02(16June 1996).first amendment of the act was done on 2058/10/14 (17th January, 2002 A.D.) However, initially the office of council was located within the premises of Ministry of Health at present it is located in Chun Devi, Bansbari, Maharajgung.

Power, Functions and Duties of the Council:

a. The power, function and duties of the council shall be as follows:-
To formulate policy required to operate the nursing profession smoothly
To provide recognition to a teaching institution ,
To evaluate and review the curriculum, terms and conditions of admission ,examination system and other necessary terms and conditions and infrastructure of a teaching institution which has been granted recognition pursuant to clause (b),
If a teaching institution is found form the evaluation and review made pursuant to clause (c) to have failed to met the standards determined by the council, to make a recommendation for revoking the approval for operation of such institution.
To determine the qualifications of the nursing professionals and to issue certification to the qualified nursing professional after registering his /her name in the registration book ,
To determine the work limit of nursing professionals,
To formulate professional code of conduct of the nursing professionals and to take action against those nursing professionals who violate such code of conduct .

b. Prior to granting approval to establish and operate a teaching institution, the concerned body shall consult the council .the council shall provide its opinion on that matter after examining weather such teaching institution has met the required standard and infrastructure or not . The concerned body shall reach to a decision in respect of granting or not granting approval for establishment and operation of teaching institution on the basic of such opinion of the council. In cases where approval for establishment and operation of a teaching institution is granted, a notice there of shall be published in the Nepal Gazette.

The council members (Board of Directors) are responsible to carry out all these power function and duties. There is complies of its members representing different sector .The process of constitution of council is:
One chairperson nominated by Nepal government among the nurse meeting criteria decide by council Act.
One member nominated by Nepal Government among the nurses who have 12 years experience after at least Bachelors Degree in Nursing Education .
Two members are nominated by Nepal Government among the Campus Chiefs of Nursing College.
Ex-office member chair person of NAN .
One member designated by Director General of Department of Health.
One member designated by the Dean of IOM.
Three members nominated by Nepal Government among the nursing chiefs (Administrator) working in regional /Zonal Hospitals and Directorate.
One member nominated by Nepal Government among nationally renowned person on behalf of consumer group.
One member as a representative of CTEVT.


  1. Nepal Nursing council is not issuing any Good standing certificates to Foreign nationals who worked earlier in Nepal. It is every country's Nursing councils responsibility to issue Good standing certificate. But in real time it is not happening in this country. This is shame on country, one should serve in their country but trouble them. Dear Council members are you listening?

  2. why NNC isnt monitoring for basic salary,allowences & facilities that nurses should get who are working in private sector as well.there is vast difference between salary between Govt. & non Govt. Org & within Non Got org as well.
    Separate protocol regarding nurses salary allowensces & facilities need to made & strictly followed up

    1. K. Acharya...There is needed more to improve the rules and regulation and policy of NNC because the license examination system is not fair since the question paper is same for both PCL Level and B. Sc . Nursing. Is it justifiable? And there is no provision of repeat exam to renewable the license.