Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nurse as a change agent

Change agent means the person who helps or facilitates in bringing positive change in any area related to health. Nurse also plays the role of change agent. She has to play a vital role in bringing improvement in health aspect of people in individual, family and community level. A nurse can play role of change agent in health setting that may be in any health institutions, family or community. The nurse can play role of change agent in community, research, hospital and health educational institutions. 
To play effective role of change agent nurse has to focus on three main roles via visioner, facilitator and idea person. Being a visioner, nurse communicates, advices, coaches and provides feedback to bring change in any health and educational settings. Then to bring change she has to play role facilitator. Nurse has to educate people what change is needed so she should play role of educator as well. She should be an idea person to bring change. She helps in problem solving and research. She plays a role of problem solver. Hence, nurse plays a vital role as a change agent.

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